• Moose safaris

Moose safari


At the time of the moose’s daily walk to find food, when evening comes, we will also head out into the woods to look for tracks of moose. Often we can watch the moose at a very close range before the moose, the king of the forest, will even hear or sense us and then run away.

The tour begins with an introduction of the Hälsingland wilderness and instructions on how to act when faced with one of the Big Four; bear, moose, lynx and wolf.

Welcome to follow our guides on a tour to meet the moose, our king of the forest, in its natural habitat.

The price of the experience is for one person, joining a group. The price is including coffee/tea and homemade biscuits. The tour will take about four hours, Thursday evenings at 6 am or at customer´s request.



                                       Price: 550 sek


Things that might come in handy 

robust clothing

mosquito repellant,

boots as we might leave the car to go trace game.